May 18, 2011

'From Paris With Love' Thank You Notecard *FREE* download

This is a free pdf file for you all to download. It's from the 'From Paris With Love' Collection that we have coming soon. You can cut it as is and use it as just a one piece thank you note or you can cut it to be 5" wide x 7" long and then fold it in half to have a thank you note that opens up.

**NOTE** For best results, print on cardstock paper. You may save these files and print them (as many as you'd like) at Staples, Office Depot, etc but you are NOT allowed to sell the image sheet, any part of the image, or the printed form of the sheet! Not even if you alter it in any way. These are my designs and they are protected by copyright.

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD Paris Thank You Note Card

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